Our Journey to the Ranch

From Hot Rods and Harleys to Texas Longhorns

“I have never been so tired, so dirty and so happy all at the same time. I’m living a dream.”
Sandy Stotts on raising Texas Longhorns at Stotts Hideaway Ranch

It’s funny what interests and hobbies have excited us over the years. I guess we have all gone through numerous phases in our life, and my wife has endured through everything, from hot rods to super bikes to Harleys, to name just a few. At this time in our life, we are even more excited to turn to something we both totally enjoy—raising Texas Longhorns.

Although the concept of being cattle ranchers was a bit new for us, Sandy actually grew up in the country as a child living with her grandparents in Center, Texas. Looking back, she remembers the wonderful life in the country at Buck’s Hideaway and all of the good times they enjoyed together. She reminisced about that life over the years, and we occasionally talked of someday buying our own little place and slowing down a bit.

Well, we’re not so sure that slowing the pace is possible, but the time to fulfill our dream of a place in the country finally presented itself. When it did, it took us almost two years to find just the right place, one that fit our budget and location parameters.

Our plans began simply by acquiring a few Longhorns for their beauty and the tax benefits. But as we discovered the soothing rhythm of ranch life, our vision became more focused. What a beautiful sight it is for us now to look out over the pasture at a herd of Texas Longhorns and to enjoy time outdoors getting to know them. Going to the country and mingling with the Longhorns is something we both love more than anything in the world. Trading in our hot rods and Harleys for the soothing rhythm of ranch life, replete with Texas Longhorns, has been a wonderful transition for us.

Anthony and Wanda Moore, Little Star Longhorns,
Sulphur Bluff, TX, made our beautiful sign


Stotts Hideaway Ranch still has a little wilderness surrounding it and we think it’s an amazing place. We find that the slightest sounds and sights of nature bring us pure enjoyment these days. From the deer feeding on the corn we’ve dropped along the dirt roads, to the scarlet cardinals pecking at the kernels, or the squirrels robbing the pears from the tree, life on the ranch has a soothing rhythm. Admiring the beautifully colored Longhorns, of course, is among our favorite pastimes, and we especially enjoy introducing them by name and sharing their personalities with others who come to visit.

It’s a Bulls Eye! Stotts Hideaway Ranch's Bulls Win Top Awards



Longhorn World Championship Awards

September & October is show month among Longhorn breeders
and Stotts Hideaway Ranch has won Bronzes and Ribbons at both National Shows;
The Horn Showcase in Fort Worth, Texas and the World Chamionships in Oklahoma. 
Since breeding longhorns in 2007, we have won nearly 20 something bronzes
and numerous ribbons and other prizes and have had a wonderful time doing it...

The ranch was also presented the Hard Charger Award for its top-flight breeder’s program.
It is awarded only on occasion when merited, and, according to a spokesperson for
the Longhorn Marketing Alliance, honors a relatively new breeder who has “charged” ahead,
making dramatic progress in quickly establishing an outstanding program.
The breeder must set high standards for quality, character, and be a positive influence
for the Longhorn industry.

Many Thanks

Among the most positive aspects of our journey to the ranching life are the friendships we’ve made along the way. During our exploration period, we met and visited with many others at their ranches, large and small, and everyone was extremely helpful in showing us the way. Many thanks to all of you for your kindness, your friendship and the valuable information exchanged.

Doug & Sandy Stotts with Ron Marquess


 Doug & Sandy Stotts with Ron Marquess

Thanks especially to Texas ranchers Ron and Barb Marquess, of Marquess Arrow Ranch in Ben Wheeler
and to Rex Mosser of Mosser Longhorns in Midway.
We are proud to say that our foundation herd came from these ranches,
and we would highly recommend their Longhorns as some of the finest to be found anywhere.

But beyond their top-quality product, these people surpassed anyone’s expectations by assisting us in establishing our cattle operation. They freely provided resources, equipment and even their personal manpower working with us hands-on at the ranch. We are very grateful for their Texas-size hospitality and, although our ranch is small by comparison, we hope to live up to their standards in every way in offering the finest Texas Longhorns around.

Rex Mosser, Mosser Longhorns, brings his tractor over to assist Doug and Sandy along with Ron Marquess, Marquess Arrow Ranch, in getting their ranch ready to bring home their new babies. 


Rex Mosser, Mosser Longhorns, brings his
tractor over to assist Doug and Sandy
along with Ron Marquess, Marquess Arrow Ranch,
in getting their ranch ready to bring home their new babies.


Happy Trails

We wish all of you many memorable moments on your own little piece of heaven, wherever it may be. And if Texas Longhorns are part of your future, we hope that you will allow us to steer you toward just the right “masterpiece” or two, or even an entire herd for your ranch. We hope to enjoy the soothing rhythm of ranch life for many years to come, and we wish you happy trails as well.