Super Lee getting atreat at Stotts Hideaway Ranch
11/30/2010 Scratching Super Lee while cubing.
I call him Big Daddy, but he is a real gentle giant. 

 M Arrow Wow at Stotts Hideaway Ranch
 Doug with M Arrow Wow
Photo: 9/09

 Kevin feeding Twister
Kevin feeding Twister.

 Doug with Rose at Stotts Hideaway  Doug feeding a young bull calf  
 Doug with Super Lee  Doug with heifer  

Jill scratching heifer   Natalie feeding SHR Bella Marie
Giving scratches to a young cow
Visiting with young cow after giving medication to her 
 Doug patting young bull  Kevin scratching Super Lee when he was young

Jill finding new calf just recently born

 Guests out feeding cows  Guests out feeding cows
 Guests hand feeding some stock  paul & Kevin out feeding stock
 Doug & Sandy at the ranch  Sandy with another new calf
 Doug, Griffin & Sandy
We welcome guests to come visit
 Sandy with a new calf!

In memory of our first heifer born

Shr Miss Scarlett Chex 
Born August 12, 2007  On August 12th 2007, in the year of our Lord, a beautiful young heifer was born. She was just a diamond in the rough and just stole our hearts with her lacey face. We named her Shr Miss Scarlett Chex. She was adored and loved and graced our pastures with dignity. We are very sad to report that we lost her on February 28th 2011. We found thru the autopsy that she had swallowed a 2 inch piece of wire thatcaused her demise. She will be greatly missed but remain in our hearts for eternity. August 12 2007 to February 28, 2011

Dixie Twist with calf

Shr Miss Scarlett Chex with her dam, M Arrow Dixie Twist.

On March 15th 2011 Dixie Twist gave us a new heifer we named SHR Dixies Savanna.