Scientific Breeding Program
 Cocoa 31 at Stotts Hideaway Ranch
Cocoa 31 - owned by Stotts Hideaway Ranch Doug purchased Cocoa 31 as Sandy's birthday gift in November 2007. Her latest horn measurement was over 82" tip to tip.

We fell in love with her and her offspring so in 2008 we added a clone of her (see below)

Cocoa31 has earned her place at our ranch and still had babies for us until 2014. She passed away early in 2017, but we have some offspring and carry her genetics forward. Longhorns live a long fruitful life.  

 SHR Cocoa Caliente at Stotts Hideaway Ranch
SHR Cocoa Caliente - Cocoa 31 clone - owned by Stotts Hideaway Ranch
a previous First Place Winner at Horn Showcase in Bred & Owned Division
2nd Place Winner in Tip to Tip, Open Class  


Shadow Jubilee

Shadow Jubilee - owned by James Steffler - Michigan.

SHADOW JUBILEE is over 90" tip to tip. Her beautiful black speckled color is unique. This is one of the most beautiful cows in the industry. 
We loved her pedigree, conformation and overall look. So we added a clone of her to continue her genetics.   

"Photo courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co. Inc." 

SHR Shadow Jubilee

SHR Jubilee - Shadow Jubilee clone - owned by Stotts Hideaway Ranch
sold to Red McCombs in 2015

SHR Jubille has won Bronzes & Ribbons at the Horn Show Showcases

We sold our SHR Jubilee and her last heifer calf to Red McCombs