SOLD lately

A Huge "Thanks" to both, those internet and Private Treaty Customers who bought cattle from us! Thank you for the confidence you have placed in our breeding program. We want to express our sincere appreciation and say “Thanks again” for allowing us to serve you. We cannot show all of those sold for space reasons but we appreciate it very much and look forward to watching them grow on your ranches, sites and at the various shows.

*Chuck Swan, Waters Edge Longhorns, acquired beautiful heifer, Thank you

*Bill Coleman, Huntsville Texas acquired four steers, thank you
*Dennis Gerlich, Twisted Oaks Ranch, Grapeland Texas acquired two steers

*John Viskup, Viskup Family Ranch, Owasso, Ok. Top cow with bull calf at side

*Timothy Macalik, Ennis, Tx. acquired a nice cow with heifer at her side

*Dick Robbins, Belvidere, Ks. acquired a nice cow with bull calf at side

*Nick & Lynn Truxillo, Cat Spring, Tx. acquired a nice cow with bull calf at side

* W.B. Stewart of Barbwire Farms, acquired a nice heifer and bull prospect 

* Zeke Guillen, Guijenn Ranch Wimberly, Texas, acquired a beautiful steer


* Jay & Michele Abbt, Big Dream Longhorns, acquired a young bull prospect

* Mike Davis, Lucky Mountain Ranch, acquired a nice heifer

* Chuck Swan, Waters Edge Longhorns acquired two nice young cows, one with beautiful heifer at side

* Jay & Michele Abbt, Abbt Ranch acquire two nice heifers

* Steve & Peggy Lee S P Longhorns, acquired top heifer 

 Gary Roscow acquired a top cow 

 Kerry Mounce acquired a nice top bred cow    

 Nick Truxillio acquired a nice young cow 

Lonnie Clinard, Clinard Longhorns acquired 5 top cows, thank you 

Steve Havens, Haven's Longhorns acquired a top cow 

Mikael Beck, Holy Cow Longhorns acquired three top cows 

Steve & Peggy Lee S P Longhorns bought a top cow 

Steve Azinger, Lazy A Ranch, bought a top cow 

Glen Clinard, Clinard Longhorns added two additional cows, 

Ron & Barb Marquess, Marquess Arrow Ranch, bought a top heifer 

Richard & Jeanne Filip Bentwood Ranch, bought a top heifer 

Steve & Kris Peterek Lightning Longhorns 

Janet Harman & Kent Mayes, purchased a nice cow 

Glen Clinard, Clinard Longhorns purchased another nice heifer

Ron Marquess, M Arrow Ranch, Purchased Partnership Bull 
Dick & Peg Lowe, Triple R Longhorns of Horton, Michigan, bought a Top Cow

Josh & Jessica Pelton, Sundown Ranch, near Jenison Michigan, bought a Top Cow

Michael Grasha bought two top heifers for Diana for her birthday present, thank you   

Ann Gravett & Bear Davidson, Purchased a top cow  

Lisa & Gary Rossow, Dayton Texas, Purchased nice cow

John Lebourhis, Calico Ranch, purchased nice cow 

Marty & Donna Robeson, Robeson Ranch, Purchased nice cow

Lonnie & Glenn Clinard, Clinard Longhorns, Purchased nice cow

Steve & Lisa Havens, Havens Ranch, Montgomery Texas, Purchased a top heifer

Red & Charline McCombs, Red McCombs Ranches of Texas, purchased three top animals

Steve & Rene Azinger, Lazy A Ranch, Purchased top heifer

Marty & Donna Robeson, Robeson Ranch, Purchased two nice cows

Christina & Chris Clark, C Double C Ranch, purchased a top cow

Larry & Toni Stegemoller, TL Longhorns, Purchased a top Cow

Glenn Clinard, Clinard Longhorns, Purchased a nice heifer

Cynthia Leakey, Trinity Longhorns, Purchased a nice heifer

Marty & Donna Robeson, Robeson Ranch, Purchased a Partnership Herd Sire

Billy Caraway, Highway 420 Ranch, purchased a Herd Sire

Bill Youngkin, Bryan Texas, two bulls, Thank you

 Neil & Robin Hinton, Hinton Longhorns & Brahmans, top heifer, Thank you

 JR Joe Ramos, Southwind Longhorns, Top cow, Thank you

 Mikeal Beck, Holy Cow Longhorns, Partner on Herd Sire, Gene Lee, Thank you

 Marty & Donna Robeson, Robeson Ranch, (14) nice group of cows and heifers. Thank you

 Chris & Sarah Zarsky, Rocking Z Longhorns, nice group of cattle, (6) cows, heifers, bull & steer. Thank you

 Donny & Marilyn Taylor, 4 T Longhorns, nice heifer

Travis Wallach, Katy Texas, acquired future herd sire prospect

John & Nathan Helm, Helm Cattle Company, Red Oak Texas, top heifer

Mike & Debbie Bowman, Benton Kansas, End of Trails Ranch, top cow

Steve & Rene Azinger, Shepherd Texas, Lazy A Longhorns;  top cow 

Mark & Charlene Gilliland, in the foothills of So. Kansas 

Steve & Rene Azinger, Lazy A Ranch, nice young heifer

Steve & Lisa Havens, Havens Ranch, Montgomery Texas, very nice heifer

Scott & Stacey Schumacher, Schumacher Cattle, Era Texas, Very nice Bull

Hayman Dengler, Dengler Construction, Brazoria County, 2 nice steers

David & Melissa Smallwood, Shady Acre Ranch, Very nice heifer!

Glenn Clinard, Clinard Longhorns, Texas, Partnership on nice bull

Janet Harman & Kent Mayes, llano Texas, two nice heifers

Tom Smith of Widespread Ranch, Lowell, MI. Nice cow

Chris & Charland Burton, Decatur Texas, Nice cow

Neil & Robin Hinton, Hinton Bramahams, Mississippi, 1 nice cow, and 2 nice heifers

Dr Zech Dameron, one of our top heifers

Justin Rombeck, one of our top heifers

Dwight Tillman, one of our top cows!

Mark Hubbell, Hubbell Longhorns, nice heifer

Neil Hinton, Hinton cattle, Mississippi, 3 Nice heifers

Larry & Glen Smith Texas S Longhorns, Nice heifer

John Oliver, Oliver Longhorns, nice cow

David Smallwood, Shady Acre Ranch, nice heifer

Chad Smith, North Dakota, Smith Longhorns two of our finest cows!

Danielle Andrews, Granbury Texas, Nice bull prospect

Dwight Tillman, Tillman Longhorns, Dallas, Ft Worth area, 3 nice ones

Neil Hinton, Hinton Brahamans, Mississippi; two nice heifers

Bobby Guiterrez, La Pistola Longhorn, College Station, Texas, nice cow

Clinard Longhorns, Glenn Clinard & Lonnie Clinard, Madisonville Texas, nice cow & bull calf

Samual D Doty, Wynnewood Oklahoma, nice cow 

Mike Casey, Fairlea Longhorn Ranch, Nicasio California, nice heifer 

Tom & Cay Billingsley, Billingsley Longhorns, Lufkin Texas, nice bred cow

Brian Wallis, Dallas Texas, nice bred cow

David Smallwood, Kountze Texas, another nice heifer, thank you

David Harcrow, Tishomingo, Oklahoma, 2 nice heifers

David Smallwood, Kountze Texas, 7 nice heifers

Neil Glasgow, Elk City, Oklahoma, 2 beautiful heifers

Steve Havens, Havens Ranch, 2 beautiful heifers

George & Cindi Williams, Double W Longhorns, 2 nice heifers

Tiffany Morrison, MMR Longhorns Grandview, Texas Trophy steer

Chris & Charland Burton, Decatur Texas, Nice twisty cow 

Neal Hinton, Hinton Cattle, Partnered on two Bull Prospects

Angela Emerson, Reds Rocking Ranch, added a heifer

Edward Redd, Reds Rocking Ranch 2 nice ones

Clint Dufour Lonesome Dove Longhorns, Louisiana; 3 nice heifers  

Curtis & Ross Ohlendorf, Rocking O Longhorns, Austin area, Partner on a Bull prospect

Glenn Clinard, Clinard Longhorns, Texas, Nice bred cow  

Curtis & Ross Ohlendorf, Rocking O longhorns, Near Austin Texas, 4 nice heifers

Chuck Swan, Swan Paint, Aragon Georgia 3 nice heifers

Dwight Tillman, Dallas, Ft Worth area. Nice heifer

Neil Hinton, Hinton Brahamans, Mississippi, Bought 5, 3 heifers, 2 bulls

TMichael Grasha, Yellow Rose Longhorns, nice heifer

Lowell King, from Boswell Pennsylvania, bought a nice Cow.

Bud South, from Ballston Spa, New York, bought a nice Cow. 

Cheryl Wright & Robby Muza, Houston Texas, Bought 2

Cynthia Leakey, Houston Texas, Bought 2

Ben Liska with Tio Benito Longhorns, Corpus Christi, Texas Bought 2 - cow & heifer

Eric Woolman & Robin Sullivan of Lazy Creek Ranch, North Zulch, Texas;(Bought 2) 

Kevin Pate, Midway Texas 2 nice heifers & a bull; Thank you (buying 3)

Brandon Savisky & Susan Mueller Thank you 

Terry and Willene Wells of Splendora, Texas. Thank you (bought 3)

Brian Jackson of Richmond, Texas (two nice young cows) 

Terry Sherri Adcock of TSAdcock Longhorns; Lamesa Texas (Young cow & heifer baby) 

Rick & Tracey Friedrich of River Ranch Longhorns, Fredricksburg Texas (heifer)

Steve & Rene Azinger of Lazy A Ranch; Shepherd Texas (heifer)

Terry and Willene Wells of Splendora, Texas; Thank you. (Bought 6)

Matt Hill, Junction Hill Longhorns, Junction Texas, (bull)

Joe & Lorinda Valentine, Panther Creek Ranch, Lott Texas, (heifer)

Brian Brett, The Brett Ranch, heifer

Ron & Jo Jones, The Jones Ranch, Salida Colorado (bull)

Homer & Kari Glover of Leanin Star Longhorns (bull)

Paul Bailey, Madisonville, Texas bought two.

Elizabeth Flores, Texas; 

Ben Liska, Tio Benito Longhorns, Robstown, Texas, World Championship Sale 

Kevin B Kelly, Horn O' Plenty Ranch, Hallettsville Texas

Skip & Kari Glover, Leanin Star Longhorns, Neches, Texas

Kim & Nik Nikodym, Commanders Place Longhorns, Newcastle Oklahoma (2 heifers)  

David Dobbs, D/5 Ranch Services, Marquez, Texas

John & Martha Wells, Flylo Farm, Leona Texas

Glenn & Lonnie Clinard, Clinard Longhorns, Central Texas (bought 4 heifers)

Dennis Gerlich, Big D Ranch Huntsville Texas (Bought two)

Raul & Cesar Mota, Angleton Texas; 

Ross & Teresa Suber,Terossa Land & Cattle Co. Portland, TN 

Steve & Rene Azinger Lazy A Ranch, Shepherd Texas

Ethan Flowers, FFR Flowers Family Ranch, Beaumont Texas

Hunter Winkel, MW Cattle Ranch, Carthage, Texas

TMichael Grasha - ME Longhorns / Yellow Rose Longhorns

Joe & Lorinda Valentine, Panther Creek Ranch

Wes Watson, Rattle Snake Ranch

Stacy & Andy Martinez, MMR Longhorns, Grandview Texas

Richard & Lisa Nance, Nance Longhorns, Blessing Texas

Steve & Rene Azinger,  Shepherd, Texas Lazy A Ranch

TMichael Grasha, ME Ranch / Yellow Rose Longhorns

Kim Parker, Bearley A Ranch, Crocket, Texas

Joe Constante, Jr. South Texas, bought 3

Homer & Kari Glover, Leanin Star Longhorns, Neches TX, bought 2 heifers, and 2 cows with calves at there side

Dwight Tillman, Dallas, Ft Worth area. 

Wes & Kathy Redden, Redden Longhorn Ranch, Palestine Texas

Sam Thorton, Midway Texas, Thorton Building

Jerry Madden Twin Cedars Farms, Waller Texas (Bought 3)

Kim Parker, Bearley A Ranch, Crocket, Texas 

Mike Baker, Katy Ranch Crossing (Bought 10) 

Rick & Lisa Nance, Nance Longhorns, Blessing Texas (Bought 2)

Dennis Gerlich, Big D Ranch, Huntsville, Texas (Bought 20) 

Dora Thompson, Sandhill Ranch, Mansfield, Lousiana (Bought 2)

Kyle Hooten, Terrell Texas 

Matt Hill, Junction Hill Cattle Co, Junction Texas

Cathy Hawke, SKY Ranch, SE Pennsylvania 

Steve Azinger, Lazy A Longhorns, Shepherd Texas

Homer & Kari Glover, Leanin Star Longhorns, Neches, Texas (Bought 7)